Welcome to Al-Haj Group

Al-Haj Group is an emerging conglomerate of the country with its operational footprint spanning from Supply Chain & Procurment to Textiles & Metals, and from Trading to Automobile Manufacturing.

Apart from bringing in millions of dollars worth of foreign investment, contributing healthily to the national economy, Al-Haj group also proudly displays its entrepreneurial roots that go back a few decades.

Today, Al-Haj Group puts on display an enviable spectrum of ventures that include various business models operating in multiple business sectors. From joining hands with our Chinese friends in the shape of Al-Haj FAW Motors to brining in innovation in the industrial sector of Textile, and from setting excellent standards in the field of tire making to show our mettle in the Metallic industry, Al-Haj Group is leaving a lasting impression within these realms.

One feather in Al-Haj Group’s cap is Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited, successfully acquired licenses for oil exploration. With this major milestone achieved, Al-Haj Group is certainly well placed to be amongst the leading business groups of the country.

With our eyes set on the future and our vision clearly defined, Al-Haj Group is rapidly going up on the ladder of success. Success that is owed mainly due to the invaluable human resource that we possess coupled with a leadership that makes the right decisions at the right time.

With this exclusive fusion of manpower and visionary sight, Al-Haj Group has many milestones yet to be achieved and together with an eye for innovation and tagging along with modernism we are sure to be the most exclusive business conglomerate not only at the national level but also at an international level.


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