Fuel Procurement

From Sources to Solutions

The process of supply chain is considered incomplete without procurement. Procurement forms the most important and central part of supply chain. The way materials and services are sourced, lays down the foundation of the entire framework of how the business will fare in future. Al-Haj General Trading’s procurement team oversees the sourcing to its customers in an efficient manner.

In order for a business to succeed it has to make sure that it evaluates its vendors on a consistent basis. Al-Haj General Trading makes sure that it’s compliant with the prevailing regulatory requirements and maintains highest quality standards to achieve the same. We not only ensure that the products and services we provide not only meet our clients’ requirements but even exceed theirs and our own expectations. We harbor and enjoy long-term business partnerships with our vendors and it’s only possible because we ensure that our clients get the best value for their input.

Al-Haj General Trading is constantly on the look out to explore new horizons. Keeping the same spirit we keep expanding the network of our vendors. We, at the same time realize that in order to meet the challenges of rapid expansion we must meet the changing requirements of our new found partners. We optimize our processes and ensure using the best tools and methods in order to improve upon our existing supply chain. That in turn helps us create solutions that not only depict efficiency but also excel in appropriateness.

Our Procurement Specializations Include: - Fuel: petroleum fuels and fuel additives


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