Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited (AEPL)

Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited (AEPL) was incorporated in 2012 as a private company under the ordinance of Pakistan. Currently its main focus is on Oil & Gas Exploration within the geographical boundaries of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

AEPL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Al-Haj Group of Companies (AGOC), a business conglomerate known for its innovative and cost effective solutions across a diverse array of industrial sectors.

Although an introduction in the Oil & Gas Exploration sector of Pakistan, AEPL is all set to make its mark in the pertaining fields with operational activities across Pakistan. The wide umbrella of service capabilities of AEPL largely covers exploration, production, infrastructure and other related activities in the Oil & Gas Exploration spectrum. 

Currently going solo, AEPL has encompassing future endeavors in place to ally itself with renowned organizations on the national front as well as joining hands with global players in the Oil & Gas Exploration sector. 

AEPL’s unyielding foundation consists of the impeccable resources that it so proudly displays and a financial standing that is at par if not beyond that of its competitors. With an unflinching resolve to boost the national economy, putting in place supreme operational dexterity, AEPL is determined to bring in a positive change in the economical landscape of the country. 

AEPL won the bids for two blocks (Baska-North and Potwar South) in the bidding session held by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources (MPNR) in 2013.

Taj Mohammad Afridi is a name synonymous with meticulous business insights and immaculate business acumen as well as flawless strategy. Mr. Taj Mohammad Afridi holds the reigns of AEPL as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer/MD of Al-Haj Group of Companies.

License Acquisition

Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited attained two exploration licenses namely for Potwar-South and Baska-North in February 2014. Bidding process was held according to the Petroleum Policy 2012 of DGPC, Government of Pakistan, in which numerous national & multinational companies participated and the blocks were awarded on the basis of Work Units. Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited won the Bid on merit for the blocks, offering higher Work Units & qualifying for all prerequisites.

Bidding Process & Distinction

According to the policy laid down by DGPC, 1 work unit is equal to 10,000 USD. AL-HAJ Enterprises (Private) Limited committed 802 Work Units for Potwar-South and 759 Work Units for Baska-North blocks to the regulator.

Investment Commitment

Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited boasts a wide array of main and peripheral services exploration services that include Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing, Interpretation and Well Services/Studies along with other offerings. Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited will get in to these operations joining hands with a reputed multinational company in order to bring world class services to the fore.

Seismic Studies & 2D Data Phase

Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited have already initiated Seismic Data execution. Old 2-D Seismic Data for more than 500 Lkms has been purchased while the designing for acquisition of new Seismic Data for at least 500 Lkms is being carried out. Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited enjoys the wealth of experience of an extremely efficient team of highly skilled individuals. A dynamic team of professional comprising of almost 10 experts is running the exploration activities atAl-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited as more experts are being employed.

Geographical Importance

Al-Haj’s oil exploration blocks stand out due to their geographical importance as both the blocks tectonically (geographically) fall in areas for both conventional & unconventional oil & gas exploration. Both the blocks are on-shore and are being explored for oil and gas simultaneously as these blocks will not only be explored but the produce form these blocks will also be used for oil marketing as well as core exploration.

Exploration, Marketing & Manpower

Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited not only boasts technical expertise required for an oil and gas exploration undertaking of such magnitude but it also enjoys the company of a combination of management and administrative experience of a multi skilled back-end support team that resides in our headquarters based in Islamabad. Such a combination of technical and professional knowledge makes Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited stand head and shoulders above its competitors.

Health, Safety & Environment

At Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited we take Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) very seriously. Our dedication towards contributing to the well being of our planet is one of our top most priorities. Hence, at Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited we make sure that every endeavor we initiate must adhere strictly to the guidelines that define the conduct in which a responsible commercial entity must perform. Consequently, we have a HSE policy that defines how Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited and its employees must act to contribute the share of responsibilities and work ethics.

Laws & Regulations Compliance

Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited is a responsible business entity and makes sure that all the legal requirements are fulfilled and any obligatory terms & conditions are met with. Be it national or international regulations, Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited believe that not only to maintain the highest work standards but also to prove to the sector we serve in that we at Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited take these matters with the utmost distinction. Compliance with set standards are strictly following any laid down regulations is our top most priority.

Production-Ready Period

After having completed seismic acquisition, proceedings then move on to the stage of interpretation which provides an insight in to what lies beneath. Once through the mandatory procedure, the development then moves on to the stage of processing which requires supplementing surveys. Al-Haj Enterprises (Private) Limited is quite capable of carrying out a full and comprehensive 3D survey and that gives us an edge over our competitors. 


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