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Al-Haj Tex is one of the finest names in MetallicYarn in Pakistan and has all the facilities of Metallic yarn manufacturing under one roof. Al-Haj Tex is appreciated for its innovative range and excellent quality. It believes in constant research & development to create novel variety in Metallic yarn.Al-Haj Tex is fast emerging as a major player in Pakistani industry. Today Al-Haj Tex is a large manufacturer of Metallic Yarn and has acquired a sizeable market share.

At Al-Haj Tex, we work as a team. Our brilliant team has theexperience to create charismatic decorative products.Our laboratory experts have brilliant innovative sense to formulate a limitless range. We can meet the needs of rapidly changing trends of fashion, design, decoration and beautification market.

At Al-Haj Tex, we use superior quality of raw materials, state of the art machinery and well-trained technicians to fabricate finest quality of Metallic yarn.Worldwide advancing industries use our reliable products to get the edge. We enhance the usual appearance of their products to an outstanding level so that they capture maximum market share.

The company manufactures the raw material to produce metallic yarn. Its products include metallized polyester film for metallic yarn applications. Al-Haj Tex offers the finest variety of fancy metallic yarn to weavers, knitters, embroidery units and the handloom sectors. Trusted by widespread nationwide customers, Al-Haj Tex products also have a rapid growing export market in Japan, China, India and UAE.

A quality conscious organisation, metallic yarn manufactured atAl-Haj Tex passes through the stringent quality tests at every stage of production. Eco-friendliness is another positive aspect of Al-Haj Tex products.

Our products are used with full confidence because we put-in our best to achieve highest standards and reliable quality.

The products manufactured at Al-Haj Tex are made on the most sophisticated technology and latest world class machines, high speed slitters and micro slitters.

Manufacturing Process
Al-Haj Tex products are used in hundreds of applications from safety films in cars and windows to yarns and packaging materials. The aluminium or pure silver is vaporised and the particles getaccumulated on the surface by giving a metallic finish.

A metallized film is lacquered with protective resin to keep a glossy effect on the surface. Dyes Stuffs are mixed with resins to give various color combinations. The protective film is then cut into various sizes. Wide cut roll is slit into various sizes while film passes through a cutting head and wound on spools. This system requires intensive tension control.Hundreds of different combinations of supported yarns are prepared which are conditioned & packed.


Metallic Yarn
M Type
Flat Film Yarn For Weaving, Making Fancy Yarns, Ribbons and Woven Labels

ST Type
Round Covered Yarn
For Embroidery and Weaving

We dye these yarns by using different types disperse dyes, reactive dyes, acrylic dyes of premium quality from multinational companies of good repute. All the dyeing machineries & other infrastructure is fully computerised. All the shades are matched and passed through Spectrometer based computer controlled analysis to meet International Standards. Depending upon the client’s requirement high washing fastness, sublimation fastness & light fastness are achieved through proper dyestuff & process.All the dyestuffs & auxiliaries atilised are Eco & Environment friendly.

Metallized Film
Metallic yarn is widely used to be woven into fabrics or textiles in mixture with wool, acrylic, polyester, and cotton and even with synthetic Fibers. Metallic yarns find their application in most textile domains such as knitting, weaving, packaging industry, yarn spinning, hosiery, and as a component in textile accessories, which includes military twisting, cords, ropes, braids, knitting, trimmings, lace and inner Gimp decoration.

We are engaged in offering our clients with a comprehensive range of Metallized Film Solutions not only in Pakistan but also abroad. We are manufacturers of specialize metallized films using quality raw material sourced from the trustworthy vendors of the market to ensure quality as well as durability.

We have the capacity to produce Metalizing Films in various specifications and optical density. In addition to this, our metallized films provide an excellent barrier against light, moisture, gases, etc. Metallized film is best suited for flexible packaging, Yarn application, lamination, hot stamping foils and holograms. However, the wide known application also includes twist wraps films, labeling and peelable and non-peelable film.

Our Metallized films Optical Density range is widely used in various industries like Metallic yarn, packaging, decorative purposes, lamination and disposable items, food packaging, and for specialty applications including insulation and electronics.Our unique metalizers are not only capable of film metallization, but also for paper metallization.

Science & Development

Since its foundation Al-Haj Tex has steadfastly adhered to the philosophy that R&D is the key to tomorrow. With this concept as the company’s guiding principle, Al-Haj Tex stands ready to meet the challenges of the future by creating new technologies altered to the changing times while expanding into new technological fields.

Al-Haj Tex is developing an exciting array of new business opportunities, building on the sophisticated technologies it has fostered through research in metallic yarn & textile. Today, the company’s technologies are finding applications in areas as diverse as fashion items, sporting goods, technical textiles and are being put to practical use in many other fields.


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